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Who We Are

Pastor Des Krull Marriage Officiator and Counsellor registered Officiant with the South African Home Affairs Department will take care of your wedding and conclude all the requirements for marriage either by law or by the Church, whether it be religious, civil or common law marriage for heterosexual couples.

Finding the right Marriage Officer / Officiator for your wedding ceremony is an important part of your wedding planning. You may want to follow the traditional wording of a church ceremony or have the freedom to write your own vows and tailor-make the ceremony. It is important that you choose someone that you truly feel comfortable with. After all, they will be guiding you through the most important day of your life.

Why would you choose me to officiate your marriage—simply because besides being adventurous and passionate about meeting and interacting with couples planning to get married, my personality lends to be engaging yet fun to hang out with!

I have previously and still do enjoy the privilege and pleasure of interacting and marrying couples from all four corners of the world. They bring to reality their lifelong dreams to live out at a very special venue they have chosen somewhere in our beautiful Western Cape.

With my thirty years of inter-denominational experience gained, I respect that this is your wedding ceremony, yet at the same time I look forward to assisting you whether we meet in person or via Skype, guiding you as we work together to make your dream wedding celebration a stress free reality.