Planning Timelines

Important Information

Once you have decided to make contact with me, please fill in the form under CONTACTS and include the following in your message:

  • Click on SUBMIT.

Once I have received your email request, I will check your date against my diary and either way confirm with you my availability.

If my confirmation is affirmative, I will email you my confirmation and send you the following documentation:

MY QUOTE–Each query/request for our services is personalized by various components, e.g. venue location; S.A. citizen / citizen from another country; etc. Once your needs as well as the various factors are calculated you will receive a personal quote.

‘PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM’—for you to complete and return to me (This will enable me to ‘open’ up a file against your name and it secures your ceremony date).

‘REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FORM’—this is a segmented and tabulated form covering all the documentation that you need to assemble for me, it covers for South Africans couples; South African/Foreigner couple or both parties from another country.

PROPOSED WEDDING CERMONY—this ceremony layout is to assist you in your ceremony planning. Once you have worked through it we can take it further during our first meeting, whether that meeting would be person to person or via Skype.

WEDDING VOWS / READINGS—this is a collage of personal vows; ring vows and readings that could be a help to you as you assemble your very own and intimate ceremony. There are many options for you to choose from, you can mix and match, or you may even write your own vows out to each other. I can prompt you with the words you have chosen, or you can recite them on your own. This is in the interests of helping to keep the stress levels as low as possible, and to make your day extra special and meaningful.

FIRST APPOINTMENT: you need to confirm a date and time that works for you, I have set aside each Monday and Tuesday evenings to meet with couples. The times are: 18:00-19:00hrs and 19:00-20:00hrs. (Skype appointments are set in conjunction with world time zones). Our first appointment is all about ‘breaking-the-ice’….sharing experiences and getting to know each other, once we feel comfortable with each other, we spend some time around your thoughts and expectations around your ceremony—nothing is ‘cast-in-stone’ at this stage! You need to go home do some homework and spend some time together talking around your proposed ceremony.

SECOND APPOINTMENT: is more to the point and is focused on and around your wedding ceremony and the documentation you need to bring me for the registration of your marriage onto the South African Department of Home Affairs system.

THIRD APPOINTMENT: is when it all comes together ie. We do our final take on the ceremony, start times re-checked, venue layout, dress code, documentation finalized, thumb prints taken and payment is made.

NB: PRE MARITAL FORETHOUGHT is an OPTIONAL discussion / questionnaire that you can participate in, it is inclusive. Although I have scheduled 3 appointments, this is only a guideline; more or less appointments can be accommodated according to the individual couples needs.