Pre Marriage

Esteemed Weddings offers the following services:

  • Three sessions of Pre-Marital Forethought to help you towards your marriage.
  • To work alongside of you in planning your very own and special wedding ceremony always with the emphasis on you—the Bridal Couple.
  • To collect from you all the relevant paperwork needed to register your marriage and then process it at Home Affairs Office.
  • To supply you with an official Home Affairs Marriage Certificate on the day of your marriage.
  • For non South African Citizens, I will raise all the necessary documentation to apply for an Unabridged Married Certificate and Apostelle Certificate and then mail them to the country you reside in.

To schedule three (3) preparation sessions: 1st session-all about ‘breaking the ice’…sharing experiences and simply getting acquainted with one another, spending time around your thoughts and expectations for your ceremony-nothing is ‘cast-in-stone’ at this stage as you need to spend time together talking around your proposed ceremony. 2nd 2ndsession-is more focused on and around your ceremony and required documentation. 3rd session-focused on finalizing ie. Final take on the ceremony; start time; venue layout; dress code and all documentation checked. Thumb prints are taken and payment is made.

All the above can be accomplished via Skype or FaceTime sessions, with a final meeting in person once you have arrived in Cape Town.

To supply you with an official Department of Home Affairs Abridged Marriage Certificate plus pages 1 and 2 of the Marriage Register on the day of your marriage.

For non South African Citizens, to register your marriage outside of South Africa, you will need to apply for an Unabridged Marriage Certificate and Apostille at the S.A. Embassy in your country.

I make use of my home as a meeting place which is situated in Panorama a suburb in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and have set aside each Monday and Tuesday evening to meet with couples, the times are 18:00-19:00hrs and 19:00-20:00hrs respectfully.

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